It was probably inevitable. I took a day off yesterday, and so now I’m sick. When the adrenaline leaves your body, even for a moment, the viruses take over. There’s just no chance of staying home this weekend though… or next week for that matter.

I was casting my eye ahead to February tonight and it genuinely makes me want to cry. There’s so much on, and as of today we’ve now had six staff hand in their notice. That would be manageable if I only could clone somebody else six times over…

However, on the drive home tonight I could see the dark horizon lit up with occasional flashes of lightning, and again it reminded me to count my blessings and be grateful. It’s almost every day that I get to see the world in a different way to most other people. I’m awake to see that lightning. I recalled the misty mornings when I used to drive out to my old venue in the wee, still hours – when the watercolours of dawn were only just starting to wash across the sky, and when my headlights could cut through the fog and pick up amazing things like the dots of vivid yellow from a lemon tree in a farmers paddock. It was always indescribably beautiful, and so perfectly secret.

So it’s not all bad  – this show business. Sometimes you get to see the very Earth undressed…


In the meantime I need to take some meds and go to bed though.


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