Eva is unimpressed about having her picture taken

Technically today was a public holiday in Auckland… and in the bits of New Zealand that used to be Auckland. It’s quite nice to get all of these holidays in the summer when you can get out and enjoy the world, but also kind of a pain that we go through pretty much the whole of winter (from Queen’s Birthday in June to Labour Day in October) without a break. Nevertheless, I would have been out enjoying the world more today if I weren’t curled up on the sofa, croaky and sniffling.

This, like all things, will pass.

Given that it’s pointless to chase banks and lawyers on public holidays, I occupied myself by reading lots of news sites and doing lots of imaginary shopping for my imaginary house. I’m trying to be a better Buddhist, and let go of my desire to buy everything, but it’s hard when you find things like this cool dinosaur planter, or Pineapple Girl.

When we come to move house again, Rob will curse me if I have a mannequin painted up like a pineapple. After many years of doing shows, I already have a lot of weird shit in my house. I have several lamps shaped like trees, streetlights, pink flamingos, giant flowers, some kind of baptismal font that weighs a ton, and an impractical number of hats.




I don’t think I’ll ever have a house that would look good in a magazine, but my aim is to one day have a house that fascinates quiet children.

And maybe a racing car bed. That would be cool.


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