No TV and no beer make Homer something something…

I woke up this morning to find that one of our cats had peed on my blanket. It might have been a sign of possessiveness, or it might have just been annoyance at the fact that I wasn’t awake and feeding them. However, cleaning up pee wasn’t exactly the high point of my day. It wasn’t even the only time I cleaned up pee.

Come on, kids! Be an Event Manager! It’s such a glamourous career.

However, there is only one more day of sleeplessness and heat and pee to deal with, and then I’m insisting that Monday is actually a day off. Mostly because I want to sleep. But partly because I’ll also sit on the couch, eat guacamole, and watch the Superbowl.

Remember, Sunday is Monday in New Zealand.

Not much else to say tonight really. I’d rather not bitch about my day, since talking about stupid clients isn’t exactly the best way to have clients. And just because I promised to write every day, it didn’t mean it would always be interesting.

… Starting to see things that aren’t there…



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