The Kiss

Dreamed of the house this evening.

I say “this evening” because I have been home long enough today to sleep, and sleep. I only went into work to do a stocktake and a bunch of admin. People kept commenting on how tired and sick I look. Adding on the 4hrs 45min today, my tally for the past week is 81 hrs at work.

Day off tomorrow. And then back in on Thursday for more.

My dream included bathroom tiles by Gustave Klimt. Undoubtedly because I saw this picture a few months ago and fell in love with it and have wanted it ever since. (Yes, back to the badness of wanting things) However it occurs to me that art is pretty evocative and emotional, so I should probably check in with Rob first to figure out whether he likes Klimt … or if he’d spend years staring at the bathroom wall and being creeped out. It really doesn’t have to be Klimt, it’s just that it makes a wonderfully detailed mural. So long as Rob’s artistic preferences don’t run towards Caravaggio, I’m sure we can come to a happy conclusion.


Ahh, dreams… Still haven’t heard back about the mortgage application though.


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