Yay! Mortgage!

Well, it’s not quite that simple just yet, but things have taken a promising turn.

We have letters of offer for two different scenarios. The first is for 80% of the land value, with 12 months of interest-only payments while the house gets built. The second is for 80% of the value of the whole project (land and house and utilities and everything else), but no interest-only period. The first scenario would leave us with land but unable to finance the build of the house. The second would leave us with land and a house in a year or so, but no way to pay rent in the meantime so therefore nowhere to live.

What I now need to do is get them to mesh together the two options gradually over the next 12 months, so that we can afford the house and not be left homeless in the meantime.

My mother suggested that we just live in a tent or a caravan. I’m not sure of the nice way to tell her that she doesn’t get a say in where we live. And considering that we’ll potentially be in temporary accommodation for a few months (and still have to go to work in the meantime) I don’t see a caravan being a real option. I’ve lived “camped out” on a building site before, and it played a big part in destroying the relationship I was in at the time. Let’s not go down that road again. I need carpet. And heating. And personal space.

… And the ability to get out of bed at 5:30am tomorrow and head to work looking sane. Right now that’s tough enough coming from a house, let alone a tent.


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