There’s a LA moon tonight.

Big and orange and low in the sky. When I was a kid, the first time I ever saw the moon like that I was in Los Angeles. Everything in the night sky in LA was orange. Ever since then, orange moons have always made me pensive.

In many ways it was a perfect Los Angeles evening. The heat of the sky still radiating off the asphalt after dusk. The smell of tar and exhaust fumes and salted popcorn in the air. A confusion of tourists. The lazy ennui of locals. A bloodied lip giving the slightest taste of murder. Palm trees. The inability to sleep…


We have put in our offer on the section. Unconditional. So we’ve rolled a big die and can only hope that things turn out in our favour.

The other buyer now has 10 working days to also go unconditional. We also only have 10 days to satisfy the conditions imposed on us by our mortgage lender. We need to get a valuation done and get Rob’s Kiwisaver withdrawn. We’ve taken the first big, dangerous step without even knowing that we’re on the right path. It may go nowhere. We may lose.

But this is my moon tonight.


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