Leap Day

Last day of summer. And the end of another long work week apparently means lying down to just “rest my eyes” at 8pm, before waking up on the couch in front of a screaming TV at 4:30am thinking “Oh crap! I haven’t written my blog yet!”

Sorry about that. Ordinarily my rule is that a new day doesn’t start until 3am (when you work lots of late nights, 3am seems to be about the point where you feel like you’ve been at work for more than a day). However, today (yesterday?) might have to stretch out until the first dawn of March.

The cats are very happy to see me awake at 4:30am because they think breakfast will be early. They’re going to be disappointed.

Given that the past week has brought news of mortgages, and maybe/maybe not section sales, today seemed an appropriate juncture to sit down with the boss and talk about money and hours. Mostly “more of one and less of the other, please”. Our GM is new (started in December) and he was surprised at some of the terms of my employment contract. Frankly, I was equally surprised by them when I started there 14 months ago, but I was told that there’d be a review at around the 6-month juncture so I was willing to swallow some pinecones in the meantime in order to prove myself. That 6-month review never happened, and my then-manager had already put in his notice at that point, so there seemed to be no point in pursuing it until a new manager was in place and bedded in. Now that we’re at that point, and given that I haven’t worked a week shorter than 55 hours since before Christmas, the long-delayed discussion needed to be had. We shall see if it has any results, but there at least seems to be a willingness to fix a few things.

We’ve also had a counter-offer back from the owner of the section. Nothing too dramatic, they just need to put in a term about vacating the other contract and also want their money quicker out of us. We shall also have to see what the results of that discussion become, but that will be at some point today (tomorrow?) after I go back to resting my eyes for a bit longer…



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