My baby spinach came with extra fiber

I’ve come to the conclusion that there are some things in life which I will never understand. Coloured tissues are one of those things – because when you have a pile of wadded up paper covered in snot, you really need it to match your drapes or else the neighbours will consider you uncouth. Coloured toilet paper fits the same category.

You can tell it’s been an eventful day, right? There was a lot more resting of eyes. In fact, I pretty much lounged around, sleeping on and off through The Lego Movie, until noon. Needed that. Everything is awesome.

And then I had to go to work again on my day off. But only for an hour and a half…

Rob and I actually got to end the day sitting down to a proper dinner together, followed by another movie. Dinner together is such a rare occasion these days, it needs to be noted. I did shepherds pie and my own version of a Waldorf salad (using the first grapes from the garden).

We watched The Martian, which was good but pretty much a big, shiny, flagrant 2-hour advertisement for NASA (et al). The ending seemed preposterous. Plus I would’ve liked more of a psychological journey for the main character, instead of just Matt Damon sometimes looking a bit miffed. I don’t know any smart, sciencey people who aren’t also emotionally fragile, so the aura of confused annoyance at his plight didn’t make him look brave to me – it just made him look slightly thick. As far as stories of isolated-and-frightened-people-going-a-bit-weird, 127 Hours was much better. But it was also true. Isn’t it funny how people in true survival stories often don’t react how we want or expect them to react? It seems we don’t know ourselves all that well.

There is much, much more to this subject of surviving but losing oneself. Like so many others, I’ve been there.



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