The Last Light of Summer

It’s an Auckland cliche, but there’s a beach not far from where we live. With two harbours, and suburbs cost-to-coast, everywhere in Auckland is close to a beach. However, this beach is a bit more isolated and weather-beaten than most. It’s covered in a forest of gnarled, fallen trees. Rob and I have walked down it on the odd warm evening, and so far we’ve always been alone.

Given that this evening was particularly warm (even after our sweltering February), and given that we had a rare evening at home together, we decided to make use of the last light of day and go for another walk. We now have a signed purchase agreement on our dream section (we’re just waiting on the other buyer to hopefully drop out), so it may be that we don’t have many more nights like this along our lonely, salt-stripped woodland.

Just thought I’d share…



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