Junk Shop

She’s lovely, isn’t she?

I got out of work early enough today, and ventured into the city to catch up with an old friend. Her husband is working in the city on and off, and she comes up to stay with him when they don’t have the kids. We’ve known each other since our university days (pretty much since I embarrassed her brother by talking about masturbation while we were sitting in McDonalds), and it’s always great to see her. In 18-odd years we’ve both transformed from single, driven arts students (she did music, I did English) into blousy, married ladies. We’re still all very luvvie, theatre, luvvie when we’re together though.

She was one of the few friends who stuck by me when my relationship with T disintegrated and people seemed to believe that they needed to take sides. She kept in touch in the aftermath of He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named, even though nobody really knew what to say and some people said the worst possible things. She was the one who went out drinking with me on the day I met Rob, and the one who encouraged me to call him back. She was firmly committed to staying single at that point… but then she went back to Italy to keep studying (she’s a soprano) and met a boy, and things all fell apart… When I heard she was back in New Zealand, and hiding from the world, I’ll admit that it did carry some resonance for me. She’s had a long, tough road back, but has a very supportive family and (now) a very supportive husband.

If there’s one relief in hanging out together, it’s that we don’t have to pretend to be people we’re not. We both know what the other has been through.

Our meandering took us to the North Shore and we ended up exploring a huge junk shop in Northcote. If I had more money… infinite money… well, I would have a lot more junk right now. I thought Rob might object to my coming home with bits of old dental equipment or a stuffed gnu. However, I did find the stunning painting above and decided that I couldn’t leave without it… and Rob can’t really object to having more naked ladies in his life. It’s watercolour on card, quite big (tall as my waist) and seems to be unsigned. I wish I knew who painted it.

All for $55 too. That’s crazy cheap for a good painting…


My friend didn’t buy anything. But then, she has taste and doesn’t need a gnu.


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