Oh the Huge Manatee

A small piece of advice (from the recent event archive) for prospective brides:

Helium balloons and tissue paper pom-poms for your outdoor ceremony are lovely. Helium balloons, tissue paper pom-poms and lots of candles are a bit dangerous when put together. However, helium balloons, tissue paper pom-poms, candles, a crowd of guests and a helicopter landing… will result in lots of burnt things and guests fleeing in terror from your reenactment of the Hindenburg Disaster.

You thought all of these things looked nice in magazines. You probably didn’t see anyone else stupid enough to put them all together in one place though.

Another one of the fun new apps on my fun new phone is a health tracker. So far it is telling me that in the 3 nights since I got my phone I’ve had 17 hours sleep total.


It’s the weekend weddings combined with early starts for the bloody conferences. My brain is used to working late. It expects to be active and engaged (and polite) well past midnight. It doesn’t expect to be doing the same at 7am, and those sleep patterns are hard to change at the drop of a hat. So I’m awake late and up early, and by 2pm I want nothing more than a cup of cocoa and a nana nap.

Yesterday, as I drove home from the city, the thought crossed my mind that I should just steer my car into a ditch (not really hard, just enough to break a limb or two) so that I could get a few days off work…

I’m not seriously considering self-harm – it’s just one of those silly thoughts – but it does mean that I should probably keep my posts a bit shorter until I can catch up on some sleep. As I’m sitting here writing this, I’m also watching the clock and thinking that I have to be awake again in 6.5 hours.





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