Still Life with Fruit

From the garden. The whole house now smells of ripe grapes, which is divine and opulent.

One of my workmates is undertaking a project to take a photo a day for a whole year. One month in, she was complaining about how hard it already is to find something to photograph.

I didn’t point out that I’m writing a blog every day for a year. I kind of don’t want her to know that. But seriously? You can take a picture of anything you want – it doesn’t always have to be the perfect photo. How many seconds does it take to capture a photograph? I spend about an hour writing this blog every day. Often three or more hours. That’s just how long it takes. And every day I also struggle to think of something to write about.

In a seeming effort to prove to myself that it wasn’t that hard to *just* take pictures, I wandered around my house yesterday, snapping photos of weird things in my house that I pretty much don’t notice anymore. It took me three minutes.


So, in order, that is: a cat skull and miniature Toby jugs, corroded flakes of metal falling from our shower, dance shoes with curling ribbon, and R2-Potatohead staring wistfully out of the window. I do have some odd things in my home. I have a violin case leaning against the wall but I’ve never owned a violin. I have a tiny, pony-sized horseshoe, and a 100-year-old bottle of sperm whale sewing machine oil. There’s been a dildo in my china cabinet for four years and nobody has ever noticed.

One day I’ll have one of those eccentric houses that children wander into and want to explore… And it’s ok – they won’t know that the glass thing is a dildo.


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