Good on paper

So I have to get up at 4am in order to have the venue open for 6am. Bloody conferences. Who wants to be awake and working at 6am? They’re not bakers.

My phone is now tracking my sleep, and I’m averaging 5.5 hrs per night (which is probably why I’m feeling so fatigued right now). However,this includes the time which isn’t sleep at all but rather fending off the kitties that are dancing on my head. They don’t care what time I got to sleep (because they’re asleep most of the evening anyway), breakfast is to be served between 5am and 6am, unless I get up earlier in which case it is to be served immediately upon my getting up. Fortunately these are three customers that I can swear at.

Next weekend is a big weekend for events, and the following one (Easter) is too. So far April is booked up to the 25th, so I’ll be taking some leave from the 25th onward. Who knows, we may be moving house at around that time. Hopefully.

Rob has applied to withdraw his Kiwisaver funds, and also for the Homestart Grant (which would give us an extra $10,000 towards the build). With or without these, the settlement date for the purchase of the section is 8th April. After that, we will need to get a septic tank and water tank installed on the property, and then hopefully a temporary portable unit (otherwise known, where I grew up, as a “Trailer”). It seems like we’re spending a lot of money for the privilege of living in a trailer, but it would only be temporary while the real house gets built somewhere else.

At the moment, everything is just paper. Paper budgets. Paper plans. Paper houses. And there’s still the whole consent process to come. I don’t think it will seem real for a while yet…



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