Show Life

So tomorrow is going to be one of those tough days – possibly the toughest I’ve had this year. I’m working till the close of one event, then have to strip it out for a quick turnover to the next event, then have to come in the next morning for the start of the next event. Expected shift tomorrow: 15 hours. Expected shift on Sunday: 10 hours. Expected break between the two: 6 hours.

That’s 6 hours in which to come home, shower, sleep, eat, get dressed, put my face back on, and travel back to work. If I cram a blog in there too, it won’t be much.

So tonight might be a case of “sleep while you can”. I’ve finished a bottle of cider. I might live life on the edge and finish another, so hopefully my brain embraces sleep rather than fights it… after putting the laundry on, of course.

A few days ago I saw a tech friend put up this simple post on Facebook (at 1:15am):

“Laid on the couch waiting for the whiskey and Voltaren to kick in so I can make it to the bed to give my wife a cuddle”

And that’s Show Life. So fucking glamorous.

Why would anyone do this for a living?


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