Baby Fish!

A couple months back, I wrote about our new adventure with fish. As I noted then, we are far from those crazy fish people who have big tanks all over the house… but since this past Christmas we do at least have two small tanks and wild plans for funding our world takeover by breeding gouramis.

Well, it turned out that breeding fish isn’t as straightforward as it appears.

We did indeed get two male Dwarf Gouramis last year, and one of them started building bubble nests in a futile attempt to become a father. They also started to get quite aggressive towards one another – possibly because one of them kept building a house for his imaginary kids, and the other guy not only refused to spawn with him but kept hanging around his house and getting in the way. So for Christmas we got them a bigger tank, and girlfriends. The interesting result of this was that the two male gouramis continued to attack each other, and the girls avoided them at every opportunity.


In the end, I decided to restart the original tank and separate the gouramis into male-female pairs. I figured this would cut the aggression, and hopefully allow both pairs to settle down and maybe breed…

That was two months ago. In that time, the male gourami in the new tank has steadfastly refused build a nest, but has become quite happy and friendly with the female gourami. And the male gourami in the old tank has built nest after nest after nest… and chased the female away every time she gets near him or his building projects. He really is an aggro kind of guy – single-minded in his quest to become a father, but a little confused by the mechanics of it.

Well, obviously he acquiesced to her advances at some point in the last couple weeks, and let her visit his little pile of bubbles, because this morning when I went to feed them I found a new little pair of eyes staring up at me…

Yes! Our plan for world domination has begun!

Now we just have to stop them from eating him…


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