A medical update

Gomez is fine, by the way.

Kind of more-than-fine. He’s been purring heaps and lolling around cutely and smooching everybody. This is so far away from his normal behaviour. Either he’s decided that we are WAAAYYYYY better humans than those evil vet people, or the painkillers they gave him are REALLY good.

The vet called this morning, almost as soon as I got to work, to tell me that he’d passed the obstruction (they decided it was a bladder stone, not a kidney stone) and was now urinating freely. In fact he was feeling so much better that he’d broken out of his cage overnight and was clearly set on making his way home. So we went and collected him, and all of his medication, and his special diet. $650 later, and he’s back on the couch with nothing worse than a couple of shaved patches. It’s truly a relief to see him as a happy, healthy cat again, at any price.

So now we just have to keep him this way…

Yay for lifelong medical problems! They’re so much damn fun.


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