What is it with anxiety and digestive problems?

I think the insanely busy weekend and all the extra problems of this week have caught up with me. I was feeling quite light-headed and dizzy by the time I got home tonight, and fell asleep on the couch just after (late) dinner. Woke up to find my stomach boiling in agony.

So that’s low blood pressure and fatigue and a gastric ulcer in that order. Stress, stress and stress.

I’ve been taking medication to aid my stomach but (after taking it on and off for years) it no longer seems to be working that well. Used to be that I’d start a course of the pills and be feeling better in 2-3 days. I’ve been on this round for 4 weeks now…

Rob found out tonight that (despite meeting all their criteria, and despite having pre-approval) Housing NZ will not give him the $10,000 Homestart Grant we require for the house… because we’re not able to use one company to do all of the various bits for the building, so can’t provide them with a fixed-price contract for the whole house. Effectively they’ve slammed the door in his face.

Personally I reckon it’s a load of crap – lots of people need to use different contractors to do different bits of a house build. There’s nothing abnormal about that. It stinks like a government scheme designed to look good on paper and win votes, but with an in-built loophole to prevent people from being able to access the money.

… Just, not worth talking about it right now. I need to find some space and the capability to calm down.


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