A Good Friday

We were meant to be seeing our nephew today, but Rob reckons his sister changed her mind at the last minute so it wasn’t to be. That’s all part of an old, horrible family story. After a rubbish day yesterday (no nephew, finding out about the Homestart Grant denial, still short-staffed for next week, deliveries didn’t arrive for the long weekend, had to clean up 3 dead and liquefied mice out from under the fridge) we really needed today to be relaxed and stress-free.

In the end, Rob and I decided that we’d drive over to the Awhitu Penninsula and hang out on our new section for a bit. We paced out the house and looked at the view. We walked through the neighbourhood, admiring people’s gardens and picking wild blackberries from a scrubby verge. We found this little, hidden beach just three minutes walk from our new place:


The Manakau Harbour was cold but calm as a pond. It meant there were a lot of sand flies, but that’s a small price to pay for finding such a beautiful spot. We sat on the beach and dreamed about one day getting kayaks and going out to explore this sheltered coast. The pohutukawas must make quite a display in early summer.


The local dairy was doing a roaring trade when we stopped in for snacks and cold drinks. They had such a wide range of stock – from very fresh fruit and veggies, to pet food and cleaning products. It’s the sign of a good general store in an isolated community. On Wed-Sun they sell fish & chips as well. We felt like we were back in the New Zealand of the 1980s… and that was actually really nice.

In the end, it will all be alright…


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