4:58am. Red squiggles.

So thar was anorher obe of those :come home exhausted and fall askleep one the couch, wakin up to 5am towrote” nights.

… and that’s how tired I am… Backspace. I must remember BAckspace.

Now that I’m conscious (barely) and moving around, the cats have decided that it’s breakfast time so I’m also tryin to type while covered in cats.

Three cats. I son’t mean covered in cats. we’re not that carzy yet.

Part fo my brain is now going “yeah, just keep tyiping, don’t go back, it’s funnier when youre really tired” theres lots of littel red squiggles appearing… and then part of my brain was once a four-year-old who HAD to colour within the lines or she’d feel very disappointed in herself. That’s the part that uses Backspace (lots) at times like this.

It’s starting to feel cold at 5am. My teeth are furry becasue I jsut fell aslpee on the couch without planning to. I need to be a sensible grown-up and get up to go brush my teeth, probaby have a shower, make proper bedding choises or at least find a blanket.

… blanket made of kitties,,, excpet they;ll start chewing on me if I dnot get ups and feed them soon. This is how people get eaten by their cats when they die. it’s not being trapped in ahouse together, its “the human didn’t feed me, she must be riminded whos boss”

Cute bosses. Purry. Full of love until the bitingstarts.

At least at this time of morning i’ve woken up full fo love and happiness. I love my husband. I miss seeing him. One day I’ll need to work less. he’s amazing and I’m really lucky.

… 5:24. Staring at the computer like it might turn into a genie or soemthing… Time to take me squiggles, go brush my teeth and sleep again… PRoper sleep. No more squiggles…


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