The List

So I’ve noticed a creeping bad habit of falling asleep on the couch and then waking up in the wee hours of the morning, only to then try and write…  Well, it’s 8am. My body it doing its best to fight off some kind of virus, I think. I’m sore, headachey, and now feeling guilty too.

Last week’s payroll totalled 75 hours (of which I got paid for 40). Today is my one day off for this week, and I’m starting my morning with a coffee, an apricot and yogurt cookie, and a list.

Today I have to:

– do the laundry

– go grocery shopping

– scan and send back the mortgage docs

– got to the pet store for worming tablets and fish tank filters

– chase up the builder

– chase up the plumber

– chase up the electrician (have you noticed a pattern emerging?)

– go to the tile store

– book a rental truck for next week

– buy paint

– oh, and re-organise the roster and finish entering the stocktake for work… at home… for free.


Yay for days off! I think Rob will be grumpy if I don’t clean up the house a bit too. There’s an inspection on Tuesday…




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