Home Wreckers

I gave the cats their flea treatment tonight, and then peeled off the little reminder sticker and put it on our kitchen calendar for May 1st. Then I wondered whether we’ll still be living in this house on May 1st. Or June 1st.

Hopefully we’ll be on the new section by June 1st. May would be a push.

I got my whole list done today (except for the stocktake stuff because: fuck them), and even added a blood test and trip to the pharmacy. Nothing properly serious. The doctor just wants to check that my chronic stomach pain isn’t gluten intolerance… If it is, I don’t think I’d care much. Cookies are worth pain.

We also got an updated building contract today, which hopefully will make Housing NZ more amenable as it includes more stuff (including consents and transport of the house). Either way, we only have a week to go before the settlement date on the section so if this contract isn’t good enough then the grant is gone. It completely sucks, and seems like a rort to me, but that’s life when you’re dealing with the government.

It’s funny, but I have experience dealing with the government over the course of property settlement. The last time I bought a property (erhem, 14 years ago) it was actually from the Crown. It was an old police station and courthouse, which I purchased with my ex with the idea of turning them into houses. The project was eventually successful, without me. When I left him, I also left him with the properties (which was a massive mistake). However it was my decision to leave that guy which eventually led me to Rob, and my decision to leave the properties behind has also meant that Rob and I are now eligible for the darn Homestart Grant in the first place (because we don’t have any assets). So there are no regrets.

Still it wasn’t the government part of that property purchase which caused us problems – just a greedy real estate agent who didn’t present our offer to the Crown Clearances Office because he thought he could lie to me about other buyers and scare some more money out of us. When I called the Crown Clearances Office to inquire what was taking so long, they told me they’d never seen our offer… and that the agent was actually bound by law to present it to them or lose his license. So he lost his license. And I laughed. A lot.

That guy is a big part of the reason why we’ve picked this particular property: we didn’t have to buy it through an agent. I’d rather buy a property without having to go through a real estate agent – certainly in New Zealand, where it seems enormously rare to meet a real estate agent who isn’t dishonest and driven by ruthless personal gain. I’m sure they do exist… but their cut-throat colleagues drive them out pretty quickly.

I used to work with a woman who seemed incapable of telling a whole truth (especially in advertising events) and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why she thought that lying equalled good marketing. Then I found out that she used to be a real estate agent, and it all made sense.

I guess my prejudice is showing though. They’re rapists, but some of them, I’m sure, are nice people. Someone, somewhere, must have a story about a nice real estate agent.




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