Thursday meant back to work. Three big events this weekend. It was one of those days where you’re at work wishing the whole time that you were home on the couch, wrapped around a hot mug of something, surrounded by snotty tissues.

So of course that’s where I am right now. Also watching old episodes of My Cat From HellIt’s funny – I love lots of what Jackson Galaxy says, but he’s telling these people that there’s a window of socialisation with feral cats between 2-9 weeks old, and it’s debatable whether they can ever be domesticated after that point. As he’s saying this, I am covered by Scrappy (born feral, captured at 17 weeks old) and Eva (born feral, captured at 13 weeks old), scratching their tummies as they loll about licking me and chewing on my glasses. Most fully domestic cats won’t let you scratch their stomachs, but these guys love it. So yeah. Clearly no one told them about windows.

It was just a different process than it would have been with a nursing kitten, because we were domesticating more independent animal rather than just directly replacing their mother… even though Gomez (Eva’s litter-mate brother) arrived at our house and almost immediately tried to nurse off Scrappy (who’s a boy). At 13 weeks and living wild, they weren’t fully weaned yet.

The kitties don’t much care whether I’m sick – they just like having me home because it gives them another warm person to cuddle. I arrived home this evening (early enough to make dinner for a change)(pork al pastor tacos, above) Eva excitedly ran up to the bedroom window to see me walk in. I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of her cute little face pressed up against the glass. Makes one feel so wanted.

Despite having been knocked back several times now, we haven’t quite given up our mortal combat with Housing NZ and I think we’re reaching the final stages now. The downside is that it means delaying the settlement on the section until next week (it was meant to be tomorrow).

So we will be landless for another 7 days. Another week before we can join the aristocracy.

And it would also mean that our settlement date suddenly falls on our 6-month wedding anniversary… So there’s that.







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