It’s all happening…

Finally starting to shake off this virus. So, of course, Rob has now been struck low with the same bug. He took a sick day today and spent the day on the couch with me. It’s a very rare treat to have Husband-Time… if only we weren’t full of drugs and feeling like crap.

However. After a couple more weeks (which felt like eternity) of being dragged through the wringer by Housing NZ, we got a surprise turnaround in the form of an agreement to pay out Rob’s housing grant! So that adds another $10,000 to the deposit, which adds another $40,000 to our mortgage allowance. That means we can actually, finally, afford to go ahead with Imaginary House!

Of course, Rob’s approval arrived in his email inbox at 11am, in the form of a letter that needed to be printed, signed, witnessed, sent back to our solicitor, counter-signed, and then sent back to Housing NZ… all before 2pm please, or else you don’t get the money. So I had to drag poor Rob up off the couch, and drive his shivering, snotty self into town to get the contract printed and witnessed, before scanning it and sending it on to our solicitor. They never seem to make things reasonable or easy.

As thanks for his fortitude, I put together the new bed I ordered last week. At least tonight he can hopefully get a good (flat, non-squeaky) night’s sleep.

So. New bed. Garage stacked with new floor tiles, fireplace and flue kit. Deposit paid. Kiwisaver paid. Homestart Grant approved. Mortgage all signed and waiting. House contract signed and waiting. Settlement date on Friday

It’s all happening…



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