Same old story

It was meant to be a fairly relaxed week after my crappasaurus weekend of being sick and having three big events in a row… Only now there’s a conference tomorrow and they need a bunch of taking care of, so I’ve got an early start followed by a late finish. Have to be awake again in 3.5 hours.

Damn conferences.

There are also three more big events on Sat-Mon, so there goes the plan of catching up on a bunch of stuff (and sleep) before everything goes insane again on Saturday.

However, everything is still right on track for the section to settle on Friday. I have a cup of cocoa and the Antiques Roadshow. I’m cruising House Porn. Eva is snuggly. I’m still shaking off this virus and have got a terrible headache, but for the most part the universe is showing its positive side and I am grateful.

Perhaps on Friday I can sleep…



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