I’ll need to keep it brief again tonight. It was another 13.5hr day today, and I have to be back at work in a few hours to do it all again.

However I’m also hopping mad now and unlikely to sleep. I arrived home to find a notice from our property manager to say that we’re in breach of the terms of our tenancy agreement. This is the same property manager who threatened to kick us out when they lost our rent payment, so I guess the extreme nature of her letter shouldn’t have been unexpected.

What’s our crime? Failing to keep the garden pruned and maintained.


When we first arrived here, the garden was a veritable jungle of waist-high weeds and horrible, invasive kikuyu. This is my garden now:

Seriously? What the fuck?!?

Yes, there are some weeds. I’ve been working like a crazy person throughout the summer, and sick as a dog for the past few weeks, so there’s been little time for weeding. But the weeds are nothing like what we met when we arrived, and they’ll come out easily because they’re now shallow-rooted and growing through mulch.

There are also a bunch of the landlord’s roses and apple trees which have had a prosperous summer, and are now getting a bit leggy… BUT YOU DON’T FUCKING PRUNE THEM IN SUMMER UNLESS YOU WANT THEM TO GET BIGGER!!!

I appreciate that our property manager is not a reasonable person, and likely cares less about the right time of year to prune roses and cares more about being a controlling, vindictive bitch. We’re also planning on leaving as soon as we can, so within a few months she won’t be our problem anymore. However, she still controls our bond and we’d quite like to get our money back after all this. She also reeks of the type of personality who would try and drag us through court if she decides we’d scratched the paintwork somewhere.

We’ve had good landlords and bad landlords before, but seriously? After this, I’d never touch a managed property again.



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