Like a bunch of refugees from a guerilla love-in

It was a long trip to collect all my prizes this afternoon – winding up past Helensville and back. The car was stuffed full. And what with Auckland traffic, it was well after dark by the time I got home.

I made a point to pick some upbeat driving music to help get me through the hours on the road… which is easier said than done, since my car no longer has a radio with an aux input so I have to rely on good old CDs… or the radio. Cough.

Sorry Dad.

I used to have two playlists on my phone, which got used in heavy rotation: they were called “Happy Dance” and “Driving Angry”. They had all my best driving songs, catered to my mood. Without them, it’s a bit like living in the ’90s again. It’s nice to experience a whole album the way it was meant to heard, but you can only carry so many CDs in your glovebox, so there never seems to be enough choice. Eminem? Meh. Bon Jovi’s These Days? Waaayy too depressing. Poison’s Open Up and Say Ahh… I’ve actually listened to it so many times that I no longer seem to hear it.

Finally I settled on the perfect album for a sunny drive through Auckland: Push Push‘s A Trillion Shade of Happy. I daresay that no one in the world has heard of this wonderful, epic gem of an album, that is unless you were a teenager in New Zealand in the ’80s or ’90s. Push Push were a great band who happened to only happen in a small country. Somewhere, I still have the tissue that I used to wipe the sweat off my hand after pawing at (singer) Mikey Havoc when they played at my high school… I was 14 and he probably wasn’t interested…


Given that they were a New Zealand band, and they broke up years ago, finding a copy of this album in record stores became dang near impossible. The good news is that I see the lads in Push Push got savvy and released the album on iTunes in 2014. Trust me, it’s well worth a listen… and I’m sure it also helps a bunch of musicians make a little bit of a living.

See? I told you the car was full. So many new babies…

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