Coming to Fruition

It would surely be appropriate to say that we started ANZAC Day by getting up early and going to the local dawn service.

Appropriate but not true. Instead we did what probably the majority of New Zealanders do: lazed around in our PJs until 10am because it’s a day off.

And I went online shopping for apricot trees that don’t require frost to flower… but such things are of interest only to people like me. (Waipapakauri, by the way. I’m holding out much hope that it’s successful.) There is a large and flourishing banana palm growing across the road from out new section, so I figure that winter won’t bring much chill around there.

After dropping our nephew back to his mother, Rob and I went up to stomp about on the section for a little while and sort out where the house is going. I’d already staked it out, but it really helped to have Rob there so we could discuss things like where the windows are going and what’s more important: passive solar heating or the view.

Our current rental is a draughty 1950s affair – cold in the winter but still pretty hot in the summer. We’re well aware that the new house we’re building will be fully insulated (floor, wall, and ceiling) and double-glazed, and that the house we rented in Hamilton was much the same as what we’re getting… and that house was like an oven in the summer time. Summers are even warmer up here, so we’ve already figured that our biggest problem won’t be heating the place but rather keeping it cool.

Thus windows streaming with sunshine should probably be sacrificed anyway. So long as the house is reliably warm, then it’s the view that will sell the property anyway… not that we’re planning on selling for a long time.

It will take at least 3 years to get my apricot tree to fruit, after all…


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