Building Meeting

We went through a 3.5 hr meeting with the builders today.

It was all very necessary, and one of the main reasons why both my husband and I took this week off. There are many discussions to be had.

First up, we had to compare the two different contracts they sent us and figure out why they were different prices. There was a bit of discussion on tiled vs. acrylic showers, and kitchen drawers vs. cupboards. We looked at the site plan and the install of the fireplace and solar water heater. Then there were layout changes and the fact that (as it’s a transportable house) the trucking company want it to be 60cm narrower in order to fit down the road. This will mean that the house needs to become longer than the standard plan… which means earthworks to extend out the building pad. But if earthworks now need to come into the budget, then we may as well dig a driveway and channeling for the utilities while we’re at it. Then there are the schedules and consents to consider…

Oof. After spending literally all day working on and thinking about this build, it seems like we came away with so much more to do.

Tomorrow there will be a chat with the local Council planning department, and the plumber, as well as tracking down a good earthmoving company (and probably a quarry which can deliver the base gravel for the driveway too). At the moment the list looks neverending, and I have to consider that I’m back at work next week. The prospect of a 4-day work week over the winter period is looking more and more appealing, if only for the sake of managing this project without flying apart…

Yesterday, Rob mentioned something from the movie Trainwreck, which he rented on DVD a few weeks ago. I just stared at him blankly. Apparently I watched it with him, but I honestly have no memory of the movie at all… That’s bad. I’m sure it’s not a reflection on the movie but rather my constant grinding fatigue over the summer. Stuff can happen to me (over several hours it would seem) and it doesn’t imprint on my brain one iota.

Hopefully we can all remember the details of today’s meeting at least. There’s a lot of important stuff there that I’ll need to keep in my brain for later.


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