I also want our driveway to be chosen by God, like this one

The day was meant to be much more productive than it was. I did manage to talk to several different people at Auckland Council – only one of whom was actually helpful (although most of the others tried to be helpful and really only one was distinctly unhelpful)(and also had me questioning whether his intelligence was such that he required watering).

Long story short: driveway is fine the way we want to do it, consent isn’t required, drainage isn’t an issue so long as it’s a permeable surface, just draw the swale gardens on the site plan for the house. I got all of that from the one guy who knew what he was talking about.

And I booked a truck so I can go pick up some more stuff next week (floor tiles, new fridge, hopefully timber edging for the driveway).

I’ve reconfigured the house plan to make it narrower, and paid the deposit to the builders… so I guess I actually achieved quite a few things today.

… And I’m still watching things about Prince on You Tube and contemplating Rob’s 40th birthday tomorrow…


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