Draft Plans

Three weeks until winter and it’s been so unseasonably warm that as I left for work this morning I noticed that my zucchini (which has been sitting in the corner of the garden trying to die for several weeks now) has started flowering again. It apparently believes that it has survived to see another summer.

The roses are also still going, and the passionfruit vine has been flowering as well. Lord knows what will happen when we finally get a frost… if we get a frost this year. I may as well start growing pineapples.

However, this (and the fact that I spent the day at work revising venue hire contracts) is a lot less interesting than the draft house plans that finally arrived from the builders today!… And the news that I bought a truck.

It was something of an impulse buy. Part of the purchase was driven by the fact that I’ve had to hire a truck twice in the past month or so, just to pick up and move things like fridges and fireplaces for the new house. And each time, it’s cost me $400 in hire charges and diesel. So (given that there is a lot more moving and landscaping and towing to do in the coming year) spending $2500 on an old truck didn’t seem like such a bad idea. It was cheap because it’s a petrol V6, so the running costs will be eye-watering, but I’m only planning on using it for carting stuff around so it won’t be on the road all that much… hopefully.

However. Yay! House plans! These are the draft “scheme” plans, so they still have to go through the architect before we can apply for our building consent. Apparently that will take 4-5 weeks, and then probably another 4 weeks to transition through the City Council. So at best we’re now looking at mid-July before we have consents.

That probably means that it’s no longer practical for us to rent a portable unit to live in over the winter. We need the consents in order to put in the septic tank, and we need the septic tank in order to install a rental unit… so the unit probably wouldn’t be onsite until the end of July or beginning of August, and they have a minimum hire period of 6 months. Meanwhile, the house is scheduled to be onsite in November, and hopefully we could move in before Christmas. As with any large project, it’s one step after another, and you sometimes have to be adaptable with your timeframes.

So we’re stuck with ’50s House (and Badjelly the Property Manager) in the meantime.

Oh well. Imaginary House will be worth it.

And I have a whole winter of landscaping ahead of me, with the help of my new truck! Yay!



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