Trucky McTruckface

It’s funny how, when you get up at 3am to go make yourself a cocoa and write your blog, the cats all decide that it must be breakfast time and start hassling you. It’s not breakfast time, idiots! Go back to sleep!

I have a distinctly rare pleasure of a weekend off. Or at least, it’s a weekend available to do things like go and pick up my new truck, and meet with the earthmovers to talk about where we’re putting a driveway. That meant drawing up a site plan and sorting out insurance and driving to Huntly, and a whole bunch of other things that don’t really feel like time off.

The world cooperated by (finally!) rolling in waves of heavy rain on Friday night. It will be good to see how that affects the new section, and it may soften the ground for the planting I have to do (hopefully starting next week), but in the meantime it was making it hard to paint tree stakes for marking out the house.

The truck I purchased is actually the same model as my old truck (’98 Mitsubishi Challenger), only a bit more worn and with a few more kilometres on the clock. It’s a V6 petrol engine (so thirsty as all hell), but we’re only going to use it for towing and the occasional trip to pick up stuff for the section. When I picked it up today I also discovered that it has:

a) a slight and intermittent idle surge, which may mean old spark plugs or a clogged fuel pump

b) a shudder that transfers through the steering wheel – the wheel alignment is fine, so it may be just worn engine mounts or a loose steering column

and c) water that is so rusty that it looks like mud – needs a good flush of the cooling system, which might also help with the idle surge.

It also really needs a clean. But it was cheap, so I can’t get too picky.

I’ll have to book it in to the mechanics this coming week and give them a list. The coolant is my main priority, but I’d say it’s also overdue for a proper service (the previous owner just changed the oil himself, and clearly didn’t care about details like distilled water) so that may mean fuel filter, air filter, et al. Who knows until you start looking?

I love my husband, but he is not all that knowledgeable about cars. When I popped open the overflow and showed him the colour of the water, he responded with “Isn’t that just the antifreeze?”. No sweetie, antifreeze is green. It was my mother who taught me bits and pieces about cars (and one of my ex-boyfriends was a mechanic too). I know that it bugs him a bit when I out-bloke him on things like vehicle maintenance… but I’m also not going to ignore brown coolant just so that I can look more girly. Being feminine doesn’t have to mean you’re stupid.

Not that I’m going to flush out the radiator myself or anything. Jeez, I could break a nail.



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