Loose Ends

After two days of storm winds and rain, it was the odd and unsettling silence that awoke me this evening. The rain has stopped? Well, for a few hours at least.

One of my workmates also brought me a hyacinth which, despite growing on a 90 degree angle, still smells lovely and makes for a nice addition to the bookcase. Just goes to prove that, even when you try force nature to bend to your will (like flowering hyacinths in autumn) it will still petulantly misbehave. Such is life.

With the lack of events on at work, my boss has followed through with his promise to give me shorter weeks as needed. So I have Friday and most of Monday off, on top of the whole weekend! What a huge change after my insanely busy summer. Unfortunately, it’s going to be pouring with rain, but I can still pot-on quite a few of the nursery plants I purchased last month, and hopefully build them up a bit more before I transplant them.

Tomorrow, Trucky McTruckface has to go to the doctors to have his fluids drained, and then I also have to finish our site plan (before the free CAD trial I downloaded expires and I need to pay someone $600 to keep using it). If I’m lazy, I might stop at a garden centre I accidentally stumbled across last week so that I can spend more money and feel even more poor-but-happy.

Oop. The rain is back…



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