So I opted for the lazy day and went to the garden centre. Got myself some red manuka (the delicate, burgundy foliage), a large griselinia lucida (the big, waxy, green leaves at the back), and a tray of baby toetoe (the green grassy stuff). I am amassing quite a pile of landscaping plants out behind our little rental.


Unfortunately, I probably shouldn’t have spent the money. Trucky McTruckface turned out to have a health problem that far exceeded a dirty radiator. A blown head gasket means I now need to try and get our money back from the guy who sold it to us… Life would be so much easier if it weren’t for liars.

The news about the truck has meant that it was quite a sad and stressful day overall. We can’t afford to fix it, and we certainly can’t afford to buy another vehicle. I feel very stupid.

But at least I have my plants, I guess. My new babies… Hopefully they forgive me for being stupid.


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