The Day Husband Brought Home a Slab of Acoustic Foam but Swore it was for the Bed

I’ve hung out in plenty of studios. I know that’s not for bedding.

It is rather disappointing that I’ve got a weekend off (and so should have no excuses for brain fatigue and general laziness) but I have achieved exactly nothing. The weather has been chronically awful – thunder, hail, rain from several directions at once – so that has kept us out of the garden. I’ve made some tiny advances on the house site plan, and flicked off a couple of emails, and made a half-decent Pad Thai for dinner, and otherwise spent hours cuddling with Rob and/or Eva on the couch.

The rain has been making the cats flick between huddling under the patio furniture to rampaging through the house trying to murder each other. They’re still young, and as siblings they spend much of their time together, so play fights happen every day. However, this evening sunk into yowling and fluffed tails and yelling as they took chunks of fur off one another. Yet once Scrappy had calmed down, Eva still came over to sit with him and they ended up in a 15-min mutual grooming session, just to prove that all was forgiven.

Yesterday was rotten and depressing. But despite wasting another 24 hours, and despite still not getting our money back for the truck (the previous owner has basically told us to get stuffed, so it looks like we’ll need to consider our more serious options), I’m back to feeling very peaceable and happy with our little family today.

Both Eva and Scrappy eventually decided that I needed grooming too. That probably had something to do with it. They may fight, but they have a great family bond and are great role models for love and connectedness. I feel very privileged that they adopted us.


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