Facebook has a very patchy sense of who I am

I guess that’s one benefit to a more connected world.

I had a day off today. We have a small conference in-house today and tomorrow, and I’ll be opening up the venue for them in the morning. One thought that occurred to me this evening, is that I’m hoping the venue was left clean and tidy as I won’t have time to clean it in the morning. The staff member who was taking care of this group this afternoon has a tendency to leave jobs half-finished when no one is looking over her shoulder.

So I logged into the timeclock from home.

And sure enough, she finished at 5pm, which was the same time that the conference day was due to end…. So I’m guessing that no cleaning went on. And I’m guessing that I need to be at work earlier tomorrow in order to clean toilets and do dishes (not in that order). That means I’m getting up in about 4.5 hours. Good thing I checked.

I don’t like having to watch over people to this degree, and there’s every real chance that the group simply finished early and she got the job done. However, past experience has taught me to be cautious with this one because she hasn’t got a steady pattern of following through. And when she’s confronted about it, she feigns confusion about her job and what’s expected, and it’s hard to really reprimand someone who’s playing at being stupid. It’s better to be cautious and start early than have the clients turn up to a messy room.


Facebook has also suggested that I like the page Donald Trump for President.

Oh Facebook, you so funny.

When I made the mistake (years ago) of changing my relationship status to “Engaged”, Facebook started trying to sell me wedding dresses and weight loss products and Ed Sheeran… Which I guess was slightly less offensive than the earlier suggestions that I should like Creed, but only slightly.

I think it’s the fact that I like a bunch of pages related to ’80s Hair Metal. Facebook extrapolates on this and thinks I have an IQ of around 60, that I would also enjoy trashy tabloid gossip mags, and that Creed is in the same category as Van Halen.

Having said that, through one of those ’80s pages, Nuno Bettencourt reminded me today that it’s 25 years since ‘More than Words’ hit number one.

Nuno MTW

Awww… I vividly remember singing along to this in front of the TV when I was in high school. But it’s still not my song. Another reminder of Good-Lord-We-Were-So-Young!

Such a fantastic, talented band who were never marketed well, because… well… I think the music industry at the time also thought that Creed and these guys belonged in the same category. Nobody could seem to understand which round hole to shove the square peg of Extreme into.

… Ears. The answer was ears.

… Well… ears first anyway.






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