Read the Sign

Sigh. Well that got Stanford off the headlines.

The thing about attention-seeking criminals is that I’m rather disinclined to give them attention. I know that he’s no longer alive to see it, but still. Talking about someone like they have worldwide impact just makes their actions seem appealing to other people who want to be famous. Some criminals deserve the shame that attention can bring, but others deserve to be forgotten like the insignificant pebbles they are.

I will say a few things though (because this is my place to vent):

a) Mentally ill people shouldn’t have access to firearms. Period. And no civilian needs a machine gun. I don’t care that it’s a “right”. You also have a right to change your name every day if you want to, but most people don’t simply because it’s a stupid waste of time and effort. And eventually your belligerence in exercising that “right” is going to make people question your sanity. Basically, if you want a machine gun you’ve already failed the first test of whether or not you should have one. Find a good cognitive therapist instead. Work on your anxiety or anger. Consider that the people you choose to associate with might be mentally ill as well.

b) Pledging your devotion to Islamic State doesn’t make you part of Islamic State. Just like that other cafe-shooting fucktard in Australia, it might just underline the fact that you’re mentally ill. He may as well have pledged his devotion to Hitler or Harry Potter.

c) Islamic State is a very specific political movement, which is very good at marketing itself to disheartened, disenfranchised and mentally ill people. The vast majority of people that Islamic State have killed have been Muslim. Stop talking about them like they offer a unique, Muslim threat to “Western” countries. They are making life hell for their near-neighbours and slaughtering thousands of Muslims first and foremost. They offer a unique threat to Muslims. They just know that they get more attention (and more recruits) for hitting other countries from time to time.

d) It’s Ramadan at the moment. Look it up. Calling this guy a Muslim extremist simply shows a massive misunderstanding of Islam. It would be like a “Christian extremist” going out and massacring people over Easter – it’s just a complete abomination during a holy time. You’re meant to be praying and reflecting on your own sins right now. He was simply very, very bad at being Muslim.

e) His ex-wife said that he was mentally ill. Believe her. She met him.

f) If you want to get all angsty about what toilet a LGBT person uses, then you don’t get to take the moral high-ground when some crazy bigot targets LGBT people with violence. You are not offering superior protection to LGBT people. You just hate brown people more.


That’s all. Tomorrow I’ll have forgotten that jerk-off’s name.



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