Garlic and Onions

The moon was low in the western sky as I drove to work this morning, and high in the eastern sky as I drove home. It certainly feels like the longest night tonight – an deceptively endless night. I have worked from moon-dusk to about moon-11am.

And the 20th of June has been sneaking up on me. I should be planting garlic.

That’s the old rule: plant garlic on the shortest day and harvest it on the longest day. So far it’s a rule that has always worked for me. I have plenty of seed garlic and shallots left from last summer, but I need to consider that we probably won’t be in this house at Christmastime. So does the garlic go into the unfinished, muddy paddock of our new section? Or do I just skip alliums altogether this year? I do wish that gardening didn’t require these decisions to be made so many months ahead of the results.

I’ve already resolved myself to the knowledge that I probably won’t have a proper vegetable garden next summer. The plot that I have mentally marked out for vegetables is right in the middle of what will soon be a building site. However that doesn’t mean that there aren’t aspects of my vegetable garden which need to be transplanted. If I don’t plant the seed garlic this season, I will lose the lines and have to buy new seed garlic next year. The same goes for my spaghetti squash, zucchini and sunflowers (all of which I have rolled on through a few years now, collecting and planting seeds each year so that I get the same successful results the following season). I have boysenberries and raspberries to carry forward, and the rhizomes of my great-grandmother’s monstrous rhubarb. I am loath to leave all of these behind and have to start again from nothing in 2017. It’s not just sentimentality (well, ok, there’s a lot of that) but the fact that I’ve made an economic investment which I don’t want to abandon.

Oof. It’s really hard to be a gardener and move house. I feel like this needs to be our last house, just because I’m not sure that I can shift everything all over again. At least this time around we have more time to think and plan… just nowhere to put anything yet.

Perhaps I should just fill a trailer with dirt and make a mobile garden. That might be the answer.



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