Thursday was always going to be the biggest day of my week. Site meetings with four different contractors, and the first big earthmoving task to do: digging the trench for the main power connection.

And then I was meant to come home and clean the whole house for my family to come over tomorrow… but apparently they’re not coming now, so we can gratefully continue to live in squalor for another day.

The good news is that (other than all the cleaning, which I only half-finished) it was a very productive day. I got answers to the questions I needed answered, and everyone (so far) seems happy with what they need to do next. It’s left me with a pile of stuff that I need to chase up with the various different suppliers and contractors, but the tiny strands are starting to wind together and form a solid rope. For the moment anyway.

After a tough week, with important things (like the whole plumbing contract) falling apart, I really needed a day like today where it feels like we’re making forward progress. Now I’m left with a Friday of: trying to renegotiate a very tense situation with the plumber; and find a Justice of the Peace to stamp the necessary paperwork for a new course I’m starting for work; and arrange a mechanical inspection of Trucky for someone who (hopefully) wants to buy him; and talk to the Inland Revenue Department about restarting my student loan; and find a Post Office and get my picture taken for aforesaid student loan thingee; and send our Site Plan back to the architect with notes and changes; and order a water tank; and pick up some pea straw and timber sleepers; and drive south for 2 hours to go visit my family (because they’re not coming up here); and then drive 2 hours back. I was hoping to do some more plant repotting too, but I’m going to fully predict that that’s impossible given the time available.

Thursday was good.

Urg. Friday.


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