Rain Day

The rain has been falling steadily all day – bitterly cold and oppressive, filling all our muddy holes with water. I’ve had exactly zero motivation to do any work.

Perhaps it’s the fact that my back is still aching after my trek around Fieldays last week. Having a large bust and the necessity for a bra haven’t given the muscles around my spine any time to relax and heal. Perhaps it’s just the fatigue of spending my evenings and “weekends” chasing the stresses of the house build, with a list that grows ever longer. Perhaps it’s just winter.

I still went to work today, and back again tomorrow – I just really would have rather stayed in bed listening to the rain. We are all entitled to lazy days sometime, aren’t we?

In fact, lying back and listening to the rain still sounds pretty good right about now. The world might still be screaming like it’s all coming to an end, but nature just continues on unruffled.

So should we all…


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