Unfortunately, after being unceremoniously woken early this morning (2 hours of sleep) by husband and his broken car, my vaguely catatonic state means I have no juju to offer.

Instead I spent an hour shivering in said broken car (just stopped at the end of our street), waiting for the AA guy to arrive. Husband took my car to work. Car was eventually towed to the mechanics who now need it until Monday.

Ah cars. If any other appliance cost as much to maintain you’d never bother.

So despite lots of big plans for doing house stuff all day, I had no vehicle and no sleep so ended up making a few phone calls in between kind of staring into space for hours. And getting into arguments on the internet. Yep. “Arguing on the internet? You’ve already lost.” But at least I stop at Level 2… Although I throw in a “namaste” like a full stop from time to time, which surely adds another level of hipster/pretentious/tofu-eating douchebaggery.

“Oh, you’re mad at me now? You’re still wrong, and now I’m going to criticise your anger too. I bow to the divine in you.” *middle finger erect*



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