Independence Day

Here’s the thing about workplace social media policies: even when the stuff you post online is semi-anonymous, even when it’s not being read by anybody, even when you’re at peace, you still can’t say anything specific.

Something happened at work today. It is something which will have a large affect on the business. Some people will be sad, but personally I am optimistic about what it will mean for the company. But I can’t really talk about it.

And in some ways, not being able to talk about it is a bit worse than just saying what I think. What I think is gentle, and diplomatic, and somewhat removed. I am not leaping for joy, but nor am I crying and rending my hair. I understand that change can both be terribly painful and terribly useful at the same time. I have been through that pain myself before. But radio silence can lead people to make assumptions. Rightly or wrongly, saying nothing tends to just reconfirm to others what they already think of you.

However. It is the 4th of July. There are no fireworks here, but it’s winter and everyone would be freezing their nuts off if they went outside. So instead I will warm myself up with a little slice of my Americana. Unfortunately Poison are on hiatus at the moment – Bret is touring with his own band, and Rikki is still recovering from oral cancer treatment. Last I heard, all signs are good that his treatment has been successful, so I’m thrilled (because he’s genuinely a lovely guy) and there is reason to celebrate.

And that’s something I can say.



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