She’s still preoccupied

Part of all this change at work has seen our General Manager push me to start an online course… in project management.

It’s a little ironic, considering I’ve been managing projects (quite successfully) for near on 20 years. He hasn’t expressed any disappointment in my project management skills, but it’s one paper of a bigger diploma which will help me to move to a different level (either in this company or another company). It requires a real-life project to be assessed as part of the course, so I’ve decided to make that project our landscaping and site prep. This way I don’t have to share work secrets but can gain course credits for something I am currently stressing about for free.

Oh, and it sounds like husband got a new job today. At least they said that the contract is in the mail. So there is much positive movement in the wind.

And to be honest, we need it. Our new driveway (meant to be done on Monday) still isn’t finished and now won’t be finished until after the foundations are done in November. There is a problem with compaction, and the bad weather is rolling back in. The plumbing quote blew out by $5500, and then another additional $8000, apparently due to them not being able to use a tape measure. The electrician also got all sulky with the timelines and wanted to add 25% to his price. The earthmovers have now done the same. This is the reality of project management – or at least construction project management. If event contractors were this bad at sticking to quotes and meeting deadlines, no event would ever happen. I am accustomed to a firmer footing with suppliers, in more ways than one. I am trying to be nice with all of these grown men, but keep twitchily remembering that I have a flame-thrower in the back of the car.

Time for something funny. Something someone once threw at me because he claimed I was just like the lady in the video, and he thought I’d be offended. I wasn’t offended at all. Don’t we all want to writhe around on a car in our underwear?…


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