Cuddle Time

It’s a funny thing about cats. They’re a bit like children. They have times when they really couldn’t care less about you and just want to do their own thing – ours will even play in puddles and wrestle with each other. And then they have times when they can be very clingy and won’t leave you alone. Scrappy is having a clingy day.

When I got home from a long day at work, and sat down at the dining table to read a contract, in seconds Scrappy was standing all over the contract and trying to kiss my face. He would not be deterred. And right now he is trying to sit between me and the computer keyboard, unhappy that I am paying more attention to the screen than to him. He’s a friendly cat but not usually a clingy cat, so something about today has made him needy.

Perhaps it’s the rain (it’s been a little rough, but nowhere near as dire as the forecasters had predicted). Perhaps he had a run-in with a neighbour cat. Perhaps he just remembered that he needs to be the centre of attention, and positive attention is better than being yelled at for chewing on your sister. Most of the time.

It has been an unusually full-on week with events, and there’s still one more big day to go, so having a bit of cuddle time on the couch is a welcome break from the stresses of the world. I’d like to think that maybe that’s the real reason Scrappy is all over me – that he knows I need some love. But I’m not convinced he’s all that altruistic. Even though he’s being adorable and sleepily licking my hand as I scratch his belly, the cuddles are on his terms.

Again, a bit like a kid. Selfish, but damn lucky he’s so cute.


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