I was right. Salutary.

As we drove home after a long afternoon of digging, the sun had set gently over the Tasman sea. Apricot, pink and silver. And I realised that I was happy again. It is amazing how even unrelenting mud and weeding can do that.

We made excellent progress in cutting a stepped pathway into the hillside… and of course I took absolutely no photos.

Bad blogger. Bad.

I promise there will be photos tomorrow.

We also tracked home bucketloads of Auckland clay on our feet, so husband and I have decided that our first furnishing item for the new house will be a boot scraper. The clay just sticks and builds up until you’re walking around with boulders for boots. However, we already knew to expect that, which is half of the reason why we’re starting the exercise of planting not by digging holes for trees but by building a shell path. This will make it a lot safer and easier to get up and down the hill, and should hopefully mean collecting a lot less clay as we walk.

There is already much to be hopeful for. The path is taking shape nicely. We have plans for retaining walls and how to tackle some more difficult planting areas. Hopefully when the valuer comes on Thursday, it will look like a well-planned garden and not just a muddy building site. Hopefully.

But in the meantime there is much to do, and spirits to gradually lift. We are getting there.



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