The Path

Well, I promised photos.

In case it’s not obvious, we’ve spent the weekend clearing top soil, cutting paths and steps into the hillside, and leveling the sleepers which will form the walls and stair risers of the path. We can definitely see where we’ve been over the past two days, but it’s still in the all-important preparation stage. I’m sure it will look much more impressive when the boxing is finished and we’ve filled it all with crushed shell. The progress we’ve made is about what I’d expected over two days of work, and hopefully we will be able to have at least part of it in shells tomorrow (because that bit is quick).

I am so stiff that I’m virtually petrified. Even just sitting still for the 30 min drive home caused my back, legs and shoulders to harden up so much that I struggled to get out of the car. My husband and parents have been amazing, and there have been few complaints about the sheer strain of the work – but we are all feeling it. Parts of that hillside have clay so hard that the spade would ring every time we tried to thrust it into the ground. It’s like chipping away at rock.

However, it’s also beautiful. Nature has laid down a vivid palette of ochre and brown and red. One day, when the path and planting is done, I might dig out a whole lot more and start making bricks. Just for the fun of it.

2016-07-10 23.00.06

Is brick-making fun? I think maybe the pain is sending me slightly mad.

That dirt sure is pretty though.


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