Return of the Path

It possibly doesn’t look like much progress, but I’ve had two days up at the new section largely by myself. There have been many things brought to me (which is no small task when everything is at least 30 mins away), but most of the work on the path has merely plodded along with only one pair of hands.

However. The first of the shell sections is in.The water tank is in. The boxing is cut. The steps are leveled, wrapped in weed mat, and ready to be nailed together. We have a list for the morning.

And tomorrow I’m planting.

Despite having several days to build up my stamina, I’m genuinely knackered again. Moving a full cubic metre of shells with only a spade will tend to do that.

I hope that Joe Perry is alright. I hope that everyone is alright. Enjoying the quiet calm of the night wherever you are…

Oof. Might have taken too much codeine…


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