Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud

So the storm that raged all night (and all day today) turned our planting site a little muddy.

Well. A lot muddy.

Ice-skating on land muddy.

Clay skating.

To top that off, the wind has been horrendous. It seemed like every time I bent over to pick up a shovel full of something, the wind would whistle right up the back of my jacket and lash freezing rain across my kidneys. I actually yelped a couple times. It’s no wonder that we abandoned our labours an hour early and drove back to the house to warm up again.

Of course, this is the problem with trying to do landscaping on an empty plot of land by the coast in winter. The storms come and there is no shelter. The work still needs doing, but it is miserable and cold. We kept slipping over in the mud, bruising knees and bums. At least there was no one around to laugh.


The good news is, despite the weather and the mud (and quite a bit of pain) we still continued with our plodding progress. More trees got planted. The first run of steps got boxed in and filled with shells (mostly because we had no other way to climb up the hill – the ground was too slippery). So far everything has survived the wind (including us).

And tomorrow I have to go back to work. Only for a short while, but it means that my uninterrupted run of landscaping days has come to an end. Husband and I will be back out there on Sunday, and I have plenty more to continue with next week, but it is not the weather that has beaten me – rather the call of another event.

At least that’s what I’ll tell people. I’d rather not face another day like this one, even if the end result was worth it.



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