A Break in the Weather

There is some good news, at least.

A visit to the section after work today gave me much relief to see all of our trees right where I left them on Thursday. I’d feared that the very strong winds of this storm would have damaged some beyond repair (or that I’d find them blown halfway to the beach) but there appears to be no obvious damage. I added windbreak sleeves to a few of them in any case, to improve their chances through a tough time.

Again, all of that was dwarfed by the fact that I also learned Poison’s Rikki Rockett has officially announced that he’s cancer-free. Rikki’s earlier oral cancer diagnosis had been playing on my mind for months, but the information he offered was sparse and it seemed he preferred his privacy (which is totally understandable). Therefore I had simply waited patiently for more news to appear when he was ready to share it. It took a while, but fortunately the news he shared was good and there is every reason to hope that this is a great sign for the future as well. Cancer is a bastard of a foe, but it’s not undefeatable.

Indeed, the defeatable nature of cancer is the reason why (39 years after being told he probably shouldn’t be planning for Christmas 1977) I still have a dad.

Kia kaha, Rikki.



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