You may never catch the bird, but that’s no reason to stop chasing

My husband managed to rush into the pet store before they closed. He was looking for a replacement Da Bird. It’s one of those fluttery feather things that you put on a string and “fly” around the room, which makes the cats go bananas. Unfortunately, whenever they catch it, they have a tendency to chew it into bits so you need to keep buying new ones.

Anyway, my husband was in such an obvious hurry that the cashier looked at him quizzically.

“Urgent purchase?”

“It’s for my wife.”

Great. Now she thinks he married a cat…

The truth is, we had the new property valuation come in today. And although it’s not bad news, it’s not good news either. Basically all of our work on doing the landscaping over the past few weeks is worth nothing, but all of the items we’ve purchased are still worth what we’ve paid for them. We were hoping for an increase in equity to help cover the fact that the plumber’s quote has nearly doubled. Now we don’t have that equity, so it’s back to the drawing board to figure out how we’re going to pay the plumber.

In our SMS conversation across the afternoon, I suggested that we needed some frivolous playtime with the kitties to help forget our troubles and cheer us up. Hence his after-work trip to the pet store… and hence the fact that our three (young, fit) cats have now all melted with exhaustion. They’re good value those things.

And both husband and I are feeling a bit better, which was always the idea. No matter what some sniffy valuer thinks, we will carry on.


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