Act Four – the denouement

“One of the things that is bothering me and bothered me about the Brexit debate, and is bothering me a huge amount about the Trump debate, is that there is zero elite reckoning with their own responsibility in creating the situation that led to both Brexit and Trump and then the broader collapse of elite authority. The reason why Brexit resonated and Trump resonated isn’t that people are too stupid to understand the arguments. The reason they resonated is that people have been so fucked by the prevailing order in such deep and fundamental and enduring ways that they can’t imagine that anything is worse than preservation of the status quo. You have this huge portion of the populace in both the U.K. and the US that is so angry and so helpless that they view exploding things without any idea of what the resulting debris is going to be to be preferable to having things continue, and the people they view as having done this to them to continue in power. That is a really serious and dangerous and not completely invalid perception that a lot of people who spend their days scorning Trump and his supporters or Brexit played a great deal in creating… [I]f you are someone who wants to stop Trump or Brexit, your goal should be to communicate effectively with the people who believe it is in their interest to support Trump or Brexit. I think in general there is no effort on the part of media elites to communicate with those people and do anything other than tell them that they are primitive, racist, and stupid. And if the message being sent is that you are primitive, racist, and stupid, and not that you have been fucked over in ways that are really bad and need to be rectified, of course those people are not going to be receptive to the message coming from the people who view them with contempt and scorn. I think that is why Brexit won, and I think that is the real danger of Trump winning.”Glenn Greenwald

See? It’s not just me who sees this. Act Four is where the whole chorus joins in.

Clinton has already hit some of the marks I just suggested. Her daughter stood up at the DNC and humanized her. It’s a positive start, but still not a sign that she really gets it.

It will be very interesting/terrifying to see where the next few weeks take us. If the polls are reassuring for Clinton then that will almost certainly produce a worse result (as it did with Brexit) than if the polls have the candidates closely matched. Trump voters are already motivated. Clinton voters need a very good reason to bother getting off the couch. Either way, the whole world would be better served if Clinton accepted that many Americans are hurting and in need of help. The middle class won’t be offended (although her super delegates might be).

For so many in America (and worldwide) it’s already a disappointing election, and proof positive (as if any was needed) that America’s major parties are a long way out of touch.

Oh dear.





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